Backup and Recovery

Ask yourself a question, what would happen if you lost your computer today? How much of your life is dependent on information stored on your hard drive? For most Americans, losing their computer would mean losing years of memories and/or personal information. Having a solid backup and recovery plan is crucial.

Backup and recovery services in Palm BeachUnfortunately, hard drives do not offer a countdown mechanism and, if you are not backing up on a regular basis, losing your information will eventually become reality. NordicBlue offers many solutions for backup and recovery, from manual to automated, so we can help you ensure your data is always safe. Today, backup and recovery options are highly affordable; NordicBlue has a backup and recovery solution for everyone’s budget!

If you are worried about local backup, as disasters in your home or office can always happen, we also offer offsite backup at reasonable rates. Storage space starting from 1GB all the way up to 2TB is available. You will also be able to access your files, from anywhere securely, from any major browser.

If you have already reached the point of no return, and your computer or hard drive is no longer accessible, reach out to our knowledgeable staff for data recovery. We will use the latest technology to look deep into your computer, or hard drive, to recover those lost files.

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**Services are offered on location, we come to your home or business.**

For a complete list of computer services and network services, offered by NordicBlue, see our services page.

**Unfortunately, not all data can be recovered. NordicBlue will do everything in its power to recover your files, but we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. Be cautious of ANY company that gives you this guarantee!**


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