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Email Setup and Configuration

Let us find the best Email solution for you.

Email is now the most widely used communication method for any company or individual. There are many options that should be considered before signing up for Email services. Does your company use Email only in the office or do you also need to run Email on your mobile devices? Different Email options are available and each email setup has its advantages and disadvantages.

NordicBlue is able to evaluate your specific Email needs and find the best Email solution for you. Email setups can range from basic POP3 accounts to elaborate Microsoft Exchange Email that run on dedicated servers at your place of business.

Options to consider for your Email setup

  1. Email setup option 1 – POP3 Email: POP3 Email setup is the most basic one that is currently offered, therefore it is also the least expensive. For basic Email needs, POP3 will allow you to send and receive Emails at your computer or smart phone. Disadvantage of POP3 is that your computers and devices will not be synced. Emails sent from your computer will not be visible on your mobile phone and vice versa. Also, you will not have options for shared calendars with your staff.
  2. Email setup option 2 – IMAP Email: IMAP Email gives you all the benefits of POP3, but it also allows you to sync your computer with you smart phone and vice versa. IMAP service is quickly becoming the norm with Email. Disadvantages are that you will not have shared calendars with your staff.
  3. Microsoft Exchange ServerEmail setup option 3 – Microsoft Exchange Server: Exchange server will give you all the benefits or IMAP, as it actually can use IMAP as well as Exchange SYNC. The beauty of Exchange Server is that not only will you receive great Email service, you will also be able to share calendars with your staff. Let’s say you need to know where your employee is going to be on Tuesday. Instead of having to call, or Email, your Employee you can quickly access their calendar in Outlook, or webmail and find out what is on their calendar that day. Disadvantage of the Exchange Server is that it is the most expensive option. You will either have to have, or purchase, a server capable of running the application or lease space from a vendor.

Whatever your Email needs are, NordicBlue will make sure your solution is custom tailored to your needs and budget.

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