Network Setup

A computer network is a group of computers, or devices, connected to each other electronically. The most known computer network is actually the internet you are currently using to read this website. For most people, however, a computer network is something that helps you keep your office, or home computers/devices connected to each other. This allows people to share files, pictures, movies and programs without the need to access the computer that actually stores this information.

Network Setup

NordicBlue can assist you in setting up your home or office network.

If you are moving to a new office, or are just starting your new business, NordicBlue can assist you in setting up your office network. We will survey your property and come up with the most economical and fastest network for your budget. Security is of utmost importance. We will ensure your network has the proper firewall to stop would be hackers in accessing your company’s personal information. We can also help you with wireless networking, read more about wireless on our wireless setup page.

Although computer networking is mostly beneficial to companies, many individuals are setting up computer networks in their homes. Home networks can be beneficial in sharing files, pictures and video with the entire family without everyone having to access the same computer to see this data. A home network is also beneficial in backing up your data. We can help you setup a home server and backup and store your data safe and secure. For more on backing up, see our backup and recovery page.

Contact us today and see how we can help you with your network setup.

**Services are offered on location, we come to your home or business.**

For a complete list of computer services and network services, offered by Nordicblue LLC, see our services page.


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